Harada Yoriyuki / Alfred Harth / Choi Sun Bae

Choi Sun Bae produces a clear and lyrical sound on the trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn. He strives to contribute to the overall beauty of the ensemble rather than to dominate it by drawing attention to the strength and force of his individual improvisations, and he considers tone to be more important than phrasing in his solos.

Choi Sun Bae is an accomplished mainstream jazz musician as well as a free improviser.
He performs regularly in Japan, where he is well known as Korea's representative master trumpeter.
He participated in the Olympic International Jazz Festival in 1988 and played with the Incheon Symphony Orchestra.

In 1998 he recorded a freely improvised album, Freedom / Solo Trumpet Improvisations with the help of Suetomi Dakao.
This album is an important record of life and art, which is portrayed throughout his work, and it is solid proof that he is a truly contemporary artist.

Since 2002 he constantly works together with Alfred Harth appearing on several Laubhuette Productions up to now.

In the years 2003 - 2006 he also contributed sound sources to
Alfred Harth's Mother-Of-Pearl-CD-Series

2007 selection:

* June - a one month tour in North America

* Concert October 7th with Henry Grimes/Harada Yoriyuki/
Tristan Honsinger/Louis Moholo/Alfred Harth in Seoul,Korea

* DVD + CD "Homura",on “off note”,Japan,
with Harada Yoriyuki and Alfred Harth

Review by Massimo Ricci

* Solo as CDR on Laubhuette Production 09

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2008 selection:

* April, Seoul Free Music Festival at Artsonje

2009 selection:

* April, one month USA tour
* July, Seoul Free Music Festival at LIG Art Hall

2010 selection:

* December Bravo Jazz Life! a documentary film about the first generation of Jazz in Korea,    presentation at LIG Art Hall, Seoul

2011 selection:

* January, Bravo Jazz Life Ensemble in Seoul
* May, Bravo Jazz Life Ensemble in California
* August, Bravo Jazz Life Ensemble in Sidney

CD: A Trumpet In The Night Sky

2012 selection:

At Banjul Theatre Seoul with harpist Yi Kihwa

Released in 1998:

Freedom (Solo Trumpet Improvisations) on Chap Chap Records,